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Myths about Sildigra Busted

Many people have faith that Sildigra is the best pill for treatment of erection problems in men. There are millions of men which consume Sildigra to boost their sex capabilities that have been compromised owing to stress, health ailments or other reasons. Sildigra returns the confidence for getting penis erections in men and it can save relations as well. Despite of all these benefits the drug possesses for the men with impotence, there are hundreds of myths for this medicine in the public. These myths will never die. The questions force men to look into the safety of this medicine and the myths like ‘Sildigra can make you annoy easily’ put a doubt into everyone’s mind for the prestigious medicine. To know the truth we must learn more about the medicine and then decide the safety of Sildigra.

When Sildigra was released around 2 decades ago, the men abused this medicine to a great extent and researchers found the safe dose of the medicine. Some men died after using this medicine when they consumed too high doses of the drug. This created a series of myths and doubts in the society and men hesitated to consume the medicine anymore. Then the company found volunteers and conducted research and released medical reports in periodicals so that doctors learnt more about it and started advising their patient Sildigra for impotence. As doctors started relying on the drug, more and more wished to use sildigra and those who followed the instructions from their physicians reaped the true benefits of this medicine and got harder erections while staying healthy.

Sildigra is PDE5 inhibitor. This means the drug inhibits an enzyme found in the penis tissue called phosphodiesterase type 5. The enzyme is responsible to bring the erect penis back to flaccid or non-erect state. The cGMP is a chemical messenger that binds to arterioles of the penis and dilates the vessels. As a result, the blood can flow into the specialized muscles of male reproductive organs called corpora spongiosum and corpora cavernosa. These two muscles get harder and erection takes place. Pills prevents the activity of PDE5 enzyme which works antagonist to the factors which produce erection.

This above written simple mechanism explains that sildigra is not a psychotropic agent or any medicine which can increase the size of the penis or rather it can’t increase the libido of the man as well. Men feel confident after taking pill and they feel they can do better sex is owing to the reason that men with impotence can have suppressed libido or desires which in the absence of sildigra cannot be fulfilled and when men with erectile dysfunction take sildigra they can perform many times a day.

When the treatment commences, the patient may suffer from heaviness of head, eyes, slight blurred vision, and headache, stomach upset like acid reflux or flatulence. These are minor changes any drug can cause. If you are combining alcohol, smoking and meds, you are bound to suffer from more number of side effects and there are chances that the myths linked to sildigra never die in your mind.

Jett Myers


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